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1/09 Tipsy gets her OFA's back and is OFA EXCLLENT!!!!!  She is a 3rd generation OFA Excellent with father Rocky and grandfather, Casper also being OFA Excellent.
5/14/09 Tipsy is awarded WB from the BBE class under BettyAnn Hale.
7/10/2009 Jenny finishes her CHAMPIONSHIP shown by Cortney Corral in grand style by going Winner's Bitch at the Cuyahoga Specialty for a 4 pt major!  
7/30 & 7/31/09 Tipsy wins back to back wins from the BBE class at Canfield Ohio picking up 2 more points toward her Championship.
8/23/09 Tipsy is awarded WB/BW/BOS for 2 points under Elizabeth Muthard.
11/09  Tipsy picks up her first major up in Michigan from the BBE class under Bettyann Hale.  This brings her to 13 points and 1 major toward her Ch!!



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