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Gideon Golden Retrievers is a small hobby based breeder and exhibitor of Golden Retrievers located in Atwater, Ohio.  We have been showing goldens since 1996.  We strive to do the very best in every area that we perform in and to that end, we are members of The Golden Retriever Club Of Americaand the Cuyahoga Valley Golden Retriever Club.

Our overriding principle is that the Golden Retriever is a "people dog" and with this in mind, all Gideon Goldens are pets or family companions first and champions or performance competitors second.  All of our dogs are important members of our family and are raised in our home.

Like so many other Golden Retriever breeders, our love of Goldens started with the purchase of a pet(Gideon) from a backyard breeder.  After he experienced many health problems that are commonly found with dogs from backyard breeders and pet stores, we began a serious search and study into the standard and history of the breed.  After a two year search, we were able to find a female who exhibited the qualities of the standard that we were looking for and thus, we began our journey into the world of Golden Retrievers.

Health and temperament are of the utmost importance to us and we only breed goldens who have been cleared for hip and elbow dysplasia with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, have had their eyes cleared with the Canine Eye Registration Foundation and who have had their hearts cleared with a veterinary cardiologist.

We hope that you enjoy your "visit" with our dogs.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have about litters, our dogs or Golden Retrievers in general.





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